I have been drawing since I was a kid. I would draw in class and only half pay attention to what the teachers were talking about, but still managed to pass with good grades.

I had went to the University of Northern Colorado for a year for Fine Arts. I was severely disappointed, I mainly learned how to make a color wheel and learned lot of the history of art.

I had always wanted to be a soldier, so i took an ROTC class and decided that it was something I really wanted to do. BUT, not as an officer. 
I then enlisted into the US Army and was in for eight years. i had always kept drawing, during deployments, in my notebooks while taking notes, and just whenever I could get the time. 

It wasn't until after I had been out of the military and went for a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice (useless degree, don't bother with it) and I started to really get interested in trying to become an actual artist. I have been drawing as often as I can, even when there are times I shouldn't be. 

I gave art another try in college and was disappointed once again in the way most teachers teach. "You see that? Draw that." The creativity of art is what I enjoy the most, the storytelling in a single image, and the experimentation.

There are artists out there that are really good at painting what they see, realism, idealized, abstract, cartoons, but not every style is good for everybody. So I am working on doing what makes me
smile, and hopefully some of my art can make you smile too.